During marching season, the band needs many hands behind the scenes to make the show successful.  As your student enters high school, this is one of the few opportunities you may have to stay involved with their activities.  They realize very quickly that Marching Band doesn't happen without a lot of parental support.  The MCPA will be looking for parents to help with:

Drums Along The Boulevard and the Southeastern Virginia Regional

This is our annual marching band competitions that we host at Princess Anne HS (Drums Along the Boulevard) and the Virginia Beach Sportsplex (Southeastern Virginia Regional).  We require all parents participate the day of the show as it takes many of us to run it efficiently and safely.  The day of the show, there are varied was in which to help, you will  be receiving information shortly regarding those specific opportunities.  Ad sales for our program have already begun, you will receive information regarding those ad sales this evening.  There are various opportunities the day of the show, as well as ad and sponsorship sales prior to show, for our program.  Information will be given out at the first parents meeting regarding ad sales.


These are the parents that stay with the band for all performances and trips, ensuring each band member's safety and well being.  We also have medical chaperones (who have CPR and basic first aid certifications).  (We periodically offer training for these certifications.)

Pit Crew and Equipment

These are the work horses of our show every year.  They assist in getting equipment on and off the field as well as loading and unloading the equipment onto and off of the trailer and trucks.  They also assist in building the props that are used in the show.   


We have a 24' trailer that's used to haul our pit equipment.  If you are interested in assisting with the towing you must have a large vehicle that has a towing capability of 10,000 GW- please see our pit crew chair.  We also need volunteers to drive the rental truck for our additional equipment.


Volunteers to wash the uniforms as needed.  *No special talents or equipment are required.  From time to time other basic assistance may be needed.


These parents assist in fabricating our color guard flags.  This includes both cutting and sewing.