VMBC Invitational 11/04/2017  

Salem Civic Center Stadium 

1008 Texas Street

Salem, VA 24153

Ticket Information:

Adults (ages 12 and up): $12.00

Youth (ages 5 to 11): $7.00

Children (ages 4 and under): Free

All tickets for this event are considered general admission. There are no reserved seats. No refunds or exchanges.

No credit cards accepted. ATM is in front of Civic Center.

(MCPA does not have advanced tickets to sell)

Click here for VAMBC BAND SCHEDULE 11/4

Information about this Venue and Competition

-No outside Food or Beverages

-No Umbrellas

-No Smoking

All marchers need to bring their suitcases/bags

with them to school on Thursday, Nov. 2nd.

They will be stored in the band room.  They will be checked Thursday night, then stored in a locked room in the school. 

All medication can be brought to me Thursday night at the parent meeting.

No meds can be brought to school by the marcher per school regulations. 

Any suitcases/bags that were not brought to school with the marchers in the morning can be brought to the meeting. 

There will be No suitcases/bags checked after Thursday evening - no exceptions.

If it's not checked, it doesn't go. 

Carry-on backpacks (limit 1 backpack per marcher) will be checked Saturday morning before the marchers board the busses.

The marchers will still exchange their

secret pal bags on Saturday morning.

Any questions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.